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Back in action, this time from Melbourne

"It is easy to get caught up in life. So easy, that we forget death. But oh sweet child be wary, for Death has not forgotten you!"


i’ve been slack on the drawing front of late. all for a good reason. new prints and other treats coming soon

El Barrio de noche
Indie Rock. Alternative. Shoegaze. Bluegrass. From Rilo Kiley to Ingrid Michaelson and back. Songs with lyrics that sing your mind. 

Short little Mac and Stella fanfic for you all. Set after 2x21 “All Access.” We all know Stella fled, but what if Mac had been there? He’s always been there for her, and this shouldn’t be an exception.

RP Starters: A Lyric Anthology (Part 1)

(click on the starter for a link to the music!)

- “I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just be okay.”
- “I’m sorry for being so bold.”
- “I can’t think of anything but you…”
- “You know, there’s no need to hide.”
- “Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?”
- “I’d like to know if you’d be open to giving me a second chance.”
- “I can see the weather changing you.”
- “Is there a reason why…?”
- “What if I never make it home?”
- “Don’t let me die alone.”
- “I wanted to think there was endless love…”
- “Why can’t white people play the blues?”
- “I think I heard a sound…”
- “I guess we’ll never know.”
- “You’ve always been a problem child.”
- “If you ever feel discouraged, just…”
- “Am I just the frame in your bigger picture? Am I?”
- “It’s so cold and so dangerous that I can’t stay.”
- “I don’t want to be left in this war tonight.”
- “Damn these walls.”

These starters are lovingly compiled for you by yours truly, Sparrow.